Name:- Dr. Indresh Kumar Singh
Age:- 44 Years
Registration:- 50340
Qualification:- MD (Ayu.) Rachna Sharir
Date Of Joining:- 01/11/2017
Aadhar card no:- 528407417524
Teaching Code:- AYRS00496
Contact no.:– 9721244400, 7081107553

It gives me immense joy to learn that Ankerite Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital has its deep root in the field of education in the city of Lucknow. I feel proud and privileged to be the part of this Magnificent Institution. At this juncture, I gratefully acknowledge the yeomen service rendered by the Visionary Predecessors, dedicated teachers and ever supporting parents who have worked selflessly and tirelessly to bring glory to God and honor to our School. May God bless them with manifold blessings.

Infact we are living in a fast changing world of society today. Everything is changing at a speed. Human life in general has become more frustrating and complex today. Many have become more self-centered, egoistic, intolerant, corrupt, suspicious, hedonistic etc. As an educationist, I personally believe that no one would ever argue for a value less system of education. If you and I believe and accept that education is a formative process, then the College and the teachers in particular have a greater role to play in the fast changing world of society today to instill human values in the Students and to prepare them to face life as it comes.

I am pleased to acknowledge that Ankerite Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital lays its stress not just on academic excellence but on “character formation with academic excellence”. It motivates students to “always aim high” and cultivate core values as a first place for the Divine, integrity of character and maturity in behavior, pursuit of excellence and creative genius, respect of the human person with an emphasis for elders and teachers, loyalty to the nation and a balanced understanding of the prevailing global situation.

I wish and pray that the students of Ankerite Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital may imbibe with the qualities of human values and become socially conscious, intellectually competent, culturally relevant, morally upright, religiously vibrant and emotionally balanced. Dear parents/guardians with your support together we can achieve the dream that you have for your wards. I can foresee that every Students who has entered the Ankerite Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital Responsible citizen of world will certainly reach the heights of glory.

Best wishes for an enriching and fruitful academic year!.