Code of Conduct

The college students are required to follow the code of conduct as mentioned below:

1. Maintain disciplane & decorum worthy of a medical student.
2. Abide by all rules, regulations & instructions issued by the college time to time.
3. Make punctuality and honesty a habit.
4. Prove yourself to be a good mannered & well behaved students.
5. Use polite language & be courteous with fellow students & college staff.
6. Adopt simplicity: Girl students should avoid the use of sleeveless dresses, Skirts, pants, cosmetics.
7. Keep the environment neat & clean – use dustbins.
8. Make use of vacant periods in readings books, magazine in the college library
9. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the institution/hostel.
10. If any incidence of ragging comes to the notice of the authority, the concerned student shall be given liberty to explain & if his explanation is not found satisfactory the authority would expel him/ her from the institution (Order of Hon’ble Supreme court of india).
11. However no case of ragging has been reported in the institution/hostel in the previous years.